Tuesday, July 4, 4 pm. Retreat host and pianist Ron Brickman performs a program of concert paraphrases of patriotic music and highlights from America’s musical history in celebration of the national holiday. Works by Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Stephen Foster, George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, Samuel Barber, Beethoven and others. Followed by an open-air buffet dinner featuring regional American specialties. $30 adult, $15 children under 18. Blue Mountain Chamber Music Retreat, 22021 Highway 26, West Point. Advance reservations required. Call (209) 293-4227.

Blue Mountain Chamber Music Retreat offers a unique and beautiful setting for music-making and relaxation to classical musicians of all kinds–amateurs, professionals and students. Coordinate your visit with your favorite players and come as a preformed group to play chamber music to your hearts’ content. Your host, an accomplished pianist who is thoroughly familiar with the chamber music repertoire and has on site a vast personal music library, is available to provide all your needs at the piano, or you may come with your own pianist. You may also come as an individual instrumentalist or vocalist to read through repertoire or to work up a program with a first-class accompanist in residence. Or you may include your name on our registry of available players to link up at some mutually convenient time with compatible musicians seeking playing partners.  Professionals on tour in Northern California are invited to rest up, rehearse or explore new repertoire at the Retreat between performances. Non-playing spouses, partners and offspring are welcome to take advantage of the region’s multiple recreational and cultural attractions.

The Blue Mountain Chamber Music Retreat is run in cooperation with the Mother Lode Friends of Music, a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of classical music appreciation and performance in the central foothills of California’s Sierra-Nevada Mountains.

The Retreat is located on a magnificent orchard property of 35 acres at 2850-feet elevation in the town of West Point, in the heart of California’s historic gold-rush country.  The town is located some 65 miles east of Sacramento and Stockton. Three to four luxurious bedrooms, two with private bath, are available. An accomplished chef is on hand to prepare custom-designed menus for all meals using home-grown fruits and vegetables, farm-fresh eggs and the highest-quality products from local producers.
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