Blue Mountain Chamber Music Retreat

22021 Highway 26
West Point, CA 95255
P: (209) 293-4227

Blue Mountain Chamber Music Retreat is located at 22021 Highway 26, on the southern edge of the township of West Point (zoom in on map for exact location). It is about a 3-hour drive from San Francisco, 2.5 hours from the East Bay, and 1.5 hours from Stockton and Sacramento.

Sacramento is the nearest airport of any consequence. It is located some 78 miles from West Point.

There is no public transportation to or from West Point.

West Point can be reached by car either through Jackson/Sutter Creek by following Highway 88 eastward to Pioneer then taking Highway 26 south; or by following Highway 26 northward through Mokelumne Hill.

Call (209) 293-4227 if you need assistance. Note that some cell phones do not work properly in our mountainous area; if you have to use one, call from the nearest highest point, not at the bottom of a canyon.

West Point has not had any significant levels of snow in the past few years. If it does snow, there should be no problem getting in and out in a regular vehicle with regular tires: Blue Mountain Chamber Music Retreat is located on a state highway with excellent snow-removal service.

The Butte fire of September 2015 came within a few miles of West Point. There is no evidence of fire damage if you come via the Highway 88/Highway 26 route. If you follow the Highway 26 north route, there is visible fire damage along some 5 miles beyond Mokelumne Hill, but the road is passable.

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