Your host, Ron Brickman, is a very experienced, professional-level chef.  He is as comfortable in the kitchen as he is at the piano.  Ron first started preparing meals for his college roommates at Stanford and MIT. He has lived over six years in France and has lived or traveled all over Europe, Africa and North Africa, Turkey, India, the Caribbean, Argentina and Southeast Asia, all the while absorbing new taste sensations and culinary ideas. At his home in West Point, he has prepared meals for musicians and others from around the world. He is always delighted to serve his favorite recipes to his guests.

Blue Mountain Orchard Product List

Meal Requests


Guests are invited to request any meal of their choice during their stay. Suggested menus for the winter season (January through March) are presented below. Suggested menus for the spring months (April to June) will be posted in late March. Guests can mix and match items from the suggested menus or request other dishes to fit the guests’ personal tastes and dietary requirements. All meals must be ordered at least 48 hours ahead. All guests must choose the same menu for a given meal, except that vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free alternatives will be prepared for individual diners if requested.  If a party does not request a particular menu or menus, your host will prepare meals of his own devising, based on what is known about his guests’ culinary preferences.

Local Restaurants

Guests may dine elsewhere if they choose. However, the choices in West Point are extremely limited–a pizza parlor and a café that is open only part of the week.  Guests must travel 12 to 25 miles over mountain roads to find a high-end restaurant.

Ingredients and Preparation

Many fruits and vegetables, especially during the summer and fall, are grown on the premises. The property has its own chicken coop with farm-fresh eggs available year-round. Many of the menu items feature specialty food products produced on site under the Blue Mountain Orchards (BMO) label, the outcome of  your host’s passion to preserve the harvest in highest-quality products (these products are indicated by BMO or an asterisk in the sample menus below). All jams and jellies served, for example, are made on the premises. You are invited to consult the list of products (see link above) and can request particular items to be served.

Menus are highly seasonal and will change approximately every three months.  Some items may not be available at a given moment due to the difficulty of obtaining the necessary ingredients.


In general, all pastries and baked goods, sometimes breads, are prepared on the premises.  Products from other local purveyors, including artisanal breads, meats and sausages, are featured regularly.

“House” wines served are very good local wines. Premium wines are available.  Guests may bring their own wine, for example wines that they have purchased in touring local wineries.  We feature local wines from Amador, El Dorado and Calaveras counties but other domestic and international wines from your host’s extensive wine cellar may be selected. Craft and imported beers are available.

Preparation and Meal Times

All-vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menus are available upon request.

Lunch and dinner are served at the same time, family style. The continental breakfast, however, is an open buffet, available 8 to 9:30 am, where guests serve themselves at the time of their choice. Most of the dining in the summer months and early fall is done outdoors, in the shaded courtyard where there is always a gentle breeze.



North courtyard for outside summer dining

I. Continental breakfast buffet:

Homemade breakfast pastry (muffins, scones, coffee cakes, yeast breads)

Plain or toasted artisanal breads and rolls served with butter and Blue Mountain Orchards jams and jellies*

Fresh fruit
Housemade granola or hot Irish oatmeal in winter months
Coffee, tea, hot chocolate or beverage of your choice

Instead of the continental breakfast, guests may choose the

II.  Dutch country breakfast:  Locally made bread, butter, Blue Mountain Orchards jams and jellies, sliced  cheeses, ham and cold cuts, soft-boiled egg, Dutch honey cake, juice and coffee, OR the

III.  Full breakfast or brunch, includes most of the items of the continental breakfast, plus additional items chosen among those listed below:

Other egg dishes (scrambled, poached or fried, frittatas, soufflés, strata, huevos rancheros, eggs benedict, etc.)
Breakfast casseroles (Red flannel hash, salmon hash)
Locally smoked bacon, ham and sausages; merguez (spicy Moroccan lamb sausage)

In lieu of an egg dish and breakfast pastry, guests may choose one of the following: 

Buttermilk pancakes with Blue Mountain Orchards jams and syrups* or maple syrup
Yeast waffles with Blue Mountain Orchards jams and syrups* or maple syrup
French toast


Ron, please edit this caption text

Housemade kugelhopf, Alsatian coffee cake

Sample menus, winter months:

Frittata or quiche du jour
Mixed green salad

Bean and ham soup
Kohlrabi-carrot slaw
Fruit, oatmeal cookies

Calzone with kale, salami and mozzarella
Green Salad
Apple fritters

Alsatian lentil soup
Havarti-avocado sandwiches on whole wheat bread with sprouts
Thomas Keller’s pink grapefruit cake

Spaghetti alle vongole (with clams)
Mixed green salad
Plums in syrup*, biscotti

Borek (Turkish filo pastries with spinach and feta)
Tabbouleh (parsley-bulgar salad)
Greek yogurt with fruit topping*

Frankfurters with Blue Mountain Orchard pickles and condiments*
Boston baked beans
Boston brown bread with cream cheese
Cole slaw
Apple walnut bars

Grilled bratwurst
Potato salad with horseradish and dill
Lemon-chocolate bars

Guacamole and tortilla chips
Fish tacos
Sliced oranges
Mexican wedding cookies

Cuban sandwiches (roast pork, ham, cheese, pickles, grilled)
Black bean corn salsa
Orange flan in a caramel mold

Vegetarian chili
Tortilla chips
Butterscotch pudding with toasted walnuts

Assorted piroshki (Russian filled turnovers)
Salad Oliver (cooked potato-carrot pickle salad in a mayonnaise dressing)
Fromage blanc with fruit topping*

Shrimp rolls
Celery, wild rice and walnut salad
Double chocolate cookies, fruit

Butter lettuce salad with shallots
Alsatian onion tart
Homemade ice cream sandwich

Avocado shells stuffed with crab salad
Cheese plate with fruit

Curry chicken salad with green apple and cashews
Tapioca pudding with sour cherry compote*

Happy Hour

Guests are invited to join your host in an hour of relaxation before dinner.   Complimentary hors-d’oeuvres.

Afternoon Tea

Instead of Happy Hour, guests can choose afternoon tea. An array of black, green and herbal teas are served, along with a cold drink such as lemonade or iced tea and homemade pastries.



Sample menus, winter months:

Spinach bacon salad
Seared sea scallops in a tangerine cream sauce
Crêpes soufflées with raspberry sauce

Caesar salad
Thick pork chops with  cornichons, Dijon mustard and sherry vinegar
Colcannon (Scottish dish of potato, leek, kale and onion)
Chocolate ganache tart with candied orange peel*, whipped cream

Crab cakes with piquant mayonnaise sauce
Mixed greens, dressed
Almond cake with fresh berries

Jerusalem artichoke soup
Seared beef loin steaks with a Bordeaux-shallot reduction
Roasted potatoes
Haricots verts au beurre
Profiterolles au chocolat

Onion soup gratinée with gruyère croutons
Pot au feu (French boiled beef with vegetables and condiments*)
Tarte au citron

Assorted tapas
Spanish style mussels
Basque cake with sour cherry-almond filling

Artichokes alla romana
Lasagna bolognese with homemade spinach pasta
Italian apple cake

Waldorf salad (apples, celery and walnuts in a creamy dressing)
Oyster and country ham pot pie
Glazed carrots 
Pineapple upside down cake

Samosas with housemade chutneys* 
Lamb curry 
Vegetable prepared Indian style
Dal (lentils)
Basmati rice pilaf
Yogurt raita with garden vegetables and herbs
Coconut-cardamon flan

Romain lettuce salad with housemade garlic croutons
True macaroni and cheese
Broccoli florets
Seasonal fruit tartlets

Mixed green salad with goat cheese croutons
Braised lamb shanks
Mashed root vegetable medley
Chocolate roll filled with whipped cream and raspberries

Celery root rémoulade
Hungarian paprika chicken
Pear-almond tart

Mixed antipasti
Braised beef in Barolo
Semolina gnocchi
Braised Swiss chard
Ricotta tart with fruits glacés*

Avocado, orange and butter lettuce salad in a creamy cilantro dressing
Mexican pot roast with red potatoes and carrots
Mango cheesecake tart

Zucchini fritters with yogurt-garlic sauce
Moussaka (eggplant and ground lamb casserole)
Greek lemon potatoes
Greek pastries

Butter lettuce salad with shallots and gruyère
Braised pork shoulder with three celeries and lemon-egg sauce
Homemade egg noodles
Two-crusted caramelized walnut tart with vanilla ice cream

Belgian endive-beet salad
Breaded chicken breast roll-up with Gorgonzola filling
Wild rice medley

Beef bouillon with marrow dumplings
Wienerschnitzel (breaded veal cutlets)
Braised red cabbage
Sachertorte mit Schlag

Deviled eggs with capers, marinated carrot sticks
Italian artichoke-Swiss chard torta
Polenta cake with whipped cream and berries

Butter lettuce with Roquefort and walnuts in a creamy dressing
Lamb-sausage cassoulet with white beans
Prune ice cream with Armagnac*
Tuiles (French almond cookies)

Shaved fennel, green apple and pecorino salad
Osso buco
Risotto milanese
Panna cotta with fresh berry compote, biscotti

Crudités variées (assorted raw vegetable salads)
Roast chicken with 40 cloves of garlic
Toasted French country bread
Chestnut layer cake

Beet-walnut salad
Baeckhoefe (Alsatian slow-baked casserole of Riesling-marinated meats and potatoes)
Apricot-almond custard tart

Blue Mountain Orchards pickle and relish sampler*
Homemade dinner rolls
Beer-braised beef with onion-crumb dumplings
Lemon cheesecake with Meyer lemon curd

Warm leeks in a parsley vinaigrette
Wild salmon fillet with a red wine-balsamic reduction
Farro pilaf
Orange chiffon cake with whipped cream and bananas

Zucchini avocado carpaccio with pistachios
Rabbit in mustard sauce
Rice pilaf
Babas au rhum

Baba ghanoush (smokey eggplant dip) with warm pita
Swordfish kebabs
Rice pilaf
Vanilla ice cream with apricot topping and chopped pistachios
Lebanese ma’a moul (date-filled pastries)