The Brickman residence, built in the early 1950s, has an unusual construction of 2-inch by 4-inch natural wood timbers stacked on top of each other, reaching up to the third floor. The home has three bedrooms and two and a half baths. The second floor, which can be reached either by an indoor or an outdoor staircase, includes a large living/music room with a cathedral ceiling, fireplace, grand piano, hardwood floors matching the walls, an adjoining office, and full bath with shower. The ground floor includes entryway, one bedroom with adjoining bath, a second bedroom, a hall half-bath, a modern kitchen, and a formal dining room looking eastward through French doors and windows onto a flower garden. There is an upstairs deck outside of the living room and balconies on two other sides of the second floor and on the west and south sides of the ground floor. The residence has central heat and air-conditioning. Only the ground floor is wheelchair accessible. A separate guest cottage is across the courtyard from the house’s kitchen door.

Guests are invited to choose from among four guest rooms. Each room has a full-sized bed. Each room can accommodate up to two people.

The Master Suite

Master Suite

Master Suite

This bedroom on the ground floor has a granite fireplace and mantle, an antique chest of drawers, a cedar-lined closet, discreet furnishings with an Indian accent, and an adjoining private bathroom with granite counters and shower/tub. 


The Penthouse

The Penthouse

The Penthouse

This one-of-a kind room under the rafters is the only room on the third floor. Built entirely of natural wood, it is one of the few rooms in the residence where the unique construction is most in evidence. A wrap-around series of windows gives unparalleled views toward Blue Mountain. Furnishings include a custom-made corner desk and a French antique pine armoire. A Chinese wall painting depicts a lady-in-waiting who looks over guests to ensure that they have a peaceful night. This room does not have a private bath. Guests may use the shared bathroom with shower on the second floor. 

The Guest Cottage

Chestnut tree with guest cottage to right

A structure entirely separate from the main residence, ensuring total privacy. The bedroom with double-sized bed is small in square footage, but guests have full access to the adjoining farm kitchen, where they can make their own morning coffee and use the mini-refrigerator. The kitchen table may serve as a work table or desk. The adjoining bathroom has a shower. There is electric heat but no air-conditioning. A system of fans circulates cooler air from the outside when needed. This is the best choice for individual practicing or late sleepers. 

The Harpsichord Room

This bedroom, of modest proportions, is located on the ground floor, opposite the entry way from the Master Suite. It has a day bed that can be converted into either a twin or double bed. During the day it can serve as a sitting room or work station If the harpsichord is not being used upstairs it has its home here. Guests use the half-bath next door and can shower in the bathroom on the second floor. This guest room is used only if all of the other three guest rooms are occupied, or guests may choose instead to stay in one of the other lodgings in the area (see below). 

Side notes

Pets are not allowed indoors. A screened room next to the guest cottage is available for a pet’s overnight stay.

Smoking is allowed only outdoors.

Amenities – All rooms have Wi-Fi. There is no cable connection and the rooms are without television or radio.   The residence has a library of several thousand books, including many music reference works, available to guests.

Other local accommodations

Guests who wish to take advantage of the amenities of the Blue Mountain Chamber Music Retreat are expected to reside in one of the three primary guest rooms described above. If more than three bedrooms are needed to accommodate a particular party, the overflow may choose either the Harpsichord Room or among several alternative lodgings in the area:

  • Dowell residence, located some three miles away in Wilseyville. Adorable little home is available as a B&B. Call (209) 293-7904.
  • Union House. This small hotel is located in the charming town of Volcano, some 12 miles from West Point. Excellent rooms with private bath and a good restaurant.
  • St. George Hotel. Historic hotel also located in Volcano.
  • Hotel Leger. Historic hotel located in Mokelumne Hill, some 16 miles west of West Point on Highway 26.

There are many more options in the Jackson-Sutter Creek area, some 25 miles from West Point.